There are over 200,000 games for the Android platform. For many of these games the touch-based control works quite well, but certain genres like 3D Shooter, Platform Games, Beat 'em up and Shoot 'em up are very difficult to play. Especially the imprecise touch screen control reduces the fun. Fortunately, an increasing number of game developers offer gamepad support for their games. Together with a TV set this really gives you an awesome console experience. This website is dedicated to all Android games that you can play with a gamepad, either on a TV or with accessory such as the GameKlip.

All games are tested by us and not recommended until a complete control of the game with a gamepad is possible. Moreover not only a control of the game itself but also the navigation function in the menus or the pause function need to work. All screenshots were made with a Nexus 5 in Full HD and therefore correspond to the display on a TV set.

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  • IntelliJ IDEA - editor for Ruby and beyond
  • Rake - Ruby make
  • Git - distributed version control system
  • android-scrot - screenshots from Android phone by adb
  • Ansible- for automated configuration & deployment
  • rbenv - Ruby version management
  • Vagrant - creating virtual development environments
  • Inkscape - vector graphics editor


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